Set Spotlight: Fantastic Forces Keyword Cornucopia: Knights of Wundergore, Exemplars Team Ability Time Capsule: The Defenders ATA, The Order I.D., Ego...View Details

HeroClix 201.12 Legacy

In this lesson: Set Spotlight: Legacy Keyword Cornucopia: Infinity Inc and Bludhaven Team Ability Time Capsule: Task Force X Now Sponsoring: Audacity...View Details

Extra Credit: Giants

In this Extra Credit episode, Jeff covers the Giants boxed set from 2006.   The theme music is "Getting it Done" by Kevin MacLeod of ...View Details

In this episode: Set Spotlight on Mutant Mayhem Keyword Cornucopia: Twelve Team Ability Time Capsule: Alpha Flight and Department H Now Sponsoring: G...View Details

In this episode:   Set Spotlight: Ultimates Keyword Cornucopia: Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men Team Ability Time Capsule: Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men ...View Details

In this episode:  2004's Universe set Big Hero 6 keyword Horsemen of Apocalypse ATA Smash Fiction Podcast 2013's Savage Land and 2007's The Arena map...View Details

In this bonus lesson, Jeff discusses the HeroClix figures that game with the MMORPGs City of Heroes and City of Villains. He also creates a card and d...View Details

I wasn't satisfied with the content of the original episode so I've recorded it with additional content. Set Spotlight on Infinity Challenge Team Abil...View Details

201.8: Jeff is Unleashed!

In this lesson: Set Spotlight on Unleashed Keyword Cornucopia on Sentinels of Magic Team Ability Time Capsule looks at the animal & Justice League...View Details

In this episode: Set Spotlight: Critical Mass Keyword Cornucopia: Externals Team Ability Time Capsule: Hellfire Club Inner Circle Now Sponsoring: Por...View Details

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